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Re: AIO 924 and Windows 7 drivers (again!)

Hi Rick (sorry for the delay too, life [work] seems to get in the way of things we want to do), I do appreciate your time.

To answer your questions

my printer is directly wired to a dell optiplex gx520 which has a pertium 4 processor running XP sp3 with 3GB ram.

The printer is set-up with sharing set (dellphot).  This share is working fine with other 32 bit dell inspiron xp laptops and one dell inspiron running windows 7 32 bit.

So my problem is with a new acer aspire 5742 - core i3 running W7 64 bit.

As I mentioned before I got the printer working locally on the acer then deinstalled the printer and then I'm back to the same problems.




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