Re: DIMENSION 3100C, Windows XP - At Startup, on the Desktop Screen, I get a RUNDLL error message.

Hi ColemanCreative,

Even after uninstalling and re-installing the printer driver if the ‘RUNDLL’ error message comes up in the system it could be an issue with the operating system. However, you can disable this process in startup for time being, so that system will work fine without any issue. Please follow the steps below. 

Start >run > msconfig > this will open a windows which has five tabs ‘General, Boot, services, startup and tools’ > select startup > there may be multiple entries related to the printer software please uncheck them all > click on apply and click on ok. Restart the computer so that the startup error message will be disabled. 

As a permanent fix, I suggest operating system re-installation after all the data is backed up.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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