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Re: Dell V515w will not recognize printer cartridges



I had the same problem and could not figure it out. Sorry RockStar none of your suggestions worked and generally do not work.  I found the answer on youtube. Here is the link.  Granted it is about epson but I tried it and it worked. I replaced my black ink cartridges and the V515w printer did not recognize them.  I tried cleaning the printhead, soaking in alcohol, all the stuff they tell you to do on this site and nothing worked. The ink cartridges were from Staples and had Dell on them. So here is what I did.

1.Turn on printer

2.Open up the top and take out the print cartridge

3. Close it

4. Wait 10 seconds

5. Turn it off

6. Cross your fingers and say a couple prayers (20 seconds)

7. Turn it back on

8. It should make some noise and show you some error message about cartridge and damage to printhead with exclamation point.

9. Open up the top and put the ink cartridge back in.

10. Close it. Wait....... On my laptop a screen popped up showing me ink was low.

11. Print something. Be creative. Something with expletives helps. Make sure you are printing something in black if checking the black ink and color if checking the color cartridge. Common sense not so common anymore.


This was a very aggravating experience and will not be purchasing a Dell printer anytime soon.

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