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RE: v305 / Windows 8 64bit / No Dell Imaging Toolbox

The person who posted that it worked above was not the OP. That's me! It's taken me forever to get a chance to look at this. 

I've got the printer connected now. And I have the dell imaging toolbox on the desktop. I can print successfully, but when I try to Scan I get " 'Network Scan.'  'For best results when scanning over the network: - Save all your work. - Close Dell Imaging Toolbox. - Press the Scan button on your printer's operater panel."

If I try to do it from the printer I can select the Scan to Network option, but when I choose the computer I want to send to it gets stuck on "Downloading Application List"

I'm wondering if it might be a firewall thing? I'm running Norton 360. 

Does this sound like it's a possibility? And if so, what do I need to allow through the firewall. 

If not firewall, then any other ideas?

Thank you so much!


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