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Re: What is SyncUp and why should I use it?

You could uninstall if you do not wish to use this software.

Who to uninstall? Please provide a step-by-step introduction!

I also like to remove SyncUP entirely from my DELL laptop! What name I have to look for in the "Software Add/Remove panel"? There is no entry named Nero and only two entries with Dell in the name which has nothing to do with Nero (Quickset64 and Dell Webcam Central). Also there is not entry named "SyncUP" or something similar?

Also there is no process running with name syncapp.exe ... (displaying all processes from all users on the machine!).

This SyncUP stuff just drives me grazy! I created a Toolbar folder and then I discovers that SyncUP did "something":

%username%\SyncUP\Taskbar Toolbars\Utilities

Even I have deleted the SyncUP folder/library before but it apears again and again and again and it is just annoying! I am already using other sync software which work and I know how it works and what it does sync for me. But SyncUp is just a miracle. I don't like it and I like to get rid of it!

So, HOW TO REMOVE SyncUP from my system! Also contacted Nero but they say: DELL is responsible for that!!!

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