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Re: OpenManage Enterprise adapter and SupportAssist Enterpri

Thank you tonyhess,

I enabled the API and logged out and back in but nothing happened.  It was the reinstall with the Repair option afterwards that got it working for me.  This is on Windows Server 2016 STD.  

for an FYI on others looking for this info:

SAE version:  Windows

OMEnt version: 3.1.0

I tried the Linux version but could not get ANY adapters to  show up.  This was after I had orginally setup a Windows version only to find a note on a support page that said the Open Manage Enterprise adapter worked on the Linux version only.  But things have all scanned in correctly now.  Looks like it is all up and running.  Moving from OM Essentials to OM Enterprise has taken way longer than I thought it would, specifically getting SAE up and running again.

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