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iDRAC problem on Dell R610


I've just got a new Dell R610 and I've been trying to setup the iDRAC card on it. I've successfully configured it on multiple Dell T300's and the iLO's interfaces on various models of HP servers. But for some reason I'm having severe problems with this particular one.

I think it's got an iDRAC Express card as there's no additional ethernet port on the server, just the standard 4 on-board NIC's. The iDRAC BIOS are version 1.70 which I understand is the latest.

From the iDRAC configuration screen (Ctrl+E), iDRAC and IPMI over Lan are both enabled. NIC Selection is set to shared though for Active LOM it reports 'No Active LOM'. VLANs are disabled, does the iDRAC Express support them? - once it's working I'd like to enable it if possible.

Only NIC1 (eth0) is connected to the switch. I've tried configuring it with DHCP but it never gets an address even though the OS gets one.

To eliminate the Switch/VLANs I even tried connecting NIC1 directly to another server and running tcpdump with the iDRAC configured with a static IP address (the default of Didn't get a thing from it. I could see the arp requests going out but no responses from the iDRAC.

So how do you get the iDRAC to work??


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