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Re: iDRAC problem on Dell R610

Same issue here too. R610, arrived yesterday, iDRAC6 Express. I don't remember firmware version, but BIOS version was 3.0.0 (which released few days after latest iDRAC firmware 1.70, so I suppose I've latest firmware version). The setup is same as described by CLXADMIN.

Additionally I've tried to manually add ARP records for iDRAC MAC address and tried to access it from next server connected to R610 with 2 NIC ports (eth0 using hosting's switch connected to internet and eth1 using our local unmanaged switch connected only to our servers) - no luck. iDRAC never replied even on ping.

I've also tried to temporary set iDRAC's IP address as eth0:0 alias in OS booted from LiveCD - I was able to connect to OS using that IP, so this isn't routing/network configuration issue.

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