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Re: iDRAC problem on Dell R610

I wasn't trying to access the web interface, the IPMI commands will do but something to do with networking isn't working on this iDRAC. FWIW, when I used ipmitool on the host with the problematic iDRAC I'm able to query it fine. It's just when I try and do it over the network that it doesn't work, because the networking doesn't work on the iDRAC for some reason.

When it's set to DHCP it doesn't send out any DHCP requests, I've had it connected directly to another server with tcpdump running - nothing shows up. And also when it's configured with a static IP address it doesn't respond to ARP requests, this has nothing to do with it having a web interface or not.

So could this be a hardware or software issue? How do you go about getting this type of issue resolved?

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