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How to email on reboot

I have a poweredge 860.

I have Openmanage server administrator version 5.5.0.


The computer crashes. However I never know it has crashed untill i log in and see the screen asking me to enter info about the last reboot.

I have configured the Openmanage to email me on a number of things. I downloaded a .vbs program writen by someone some time ago.

However when the system crashes and reboots I get no email message. It appears that the Openmanage doesnt have an option to email on reboot. Is there anything I can do to resolve this.

I know that on one of my other dells it emails me if the network link goes down. But this version deosnt seem to have this. At this point I dont want to change the version as I have too many things going on right now. How can I have this machine email me on reboot.


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