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RE: OME 1.2 SNMP alerts - how can I make them less generic?

I am having the same exact problem and have all the trap qualifiers being sent in email, but the email is rather useless and I have to log into the server every time to actually make heads or tails of the problem other than if the server went offline and the message says down.  I have all PE2950 II & III servers that I am monitoring with OME and all servers have OMSA 7.3 on it.  This alert wound up being a temperature alarm, one would have no idea what it was by this message below, this is completely useless.  Any advice..??

Device:XYZ123, Service Tag:, Asset Tag:, Date:09/23/2013, Time:00:15:26, Severity:Warning, Message:Warning Status Alert. Device: XYZ123

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