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racadm cfgLDAPRoleGroupDN error

I cant get racadm to set my Role Groups it returns -  ERROR: The specified object value is not valid

I have tried the command remotely and locally and it does not matter, this is on a DELL R710 DRAC Version 1.70

The syntax as follows:

racadm config -g cfgLDAPRoleGroup -o cfgLDAPRoleGroupDN -i 1 CN=blah.blah.blah,OU=groupblah,DC=domain,DC=com

ERROR: The specified object value is not valid

It doesnt matter if I make the string uppercase, lowercase, a combination of both, some of the string, none of the string. The same error happens.

Any ideas as what I am doing wrong?

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RE: racadm cfgLDAPRoleGroupDN error

Hey There,

Don't know if you solved this already but i use this commnad and it works fine.

racadm config -g cfgLdapRoleGroup -i 3 -o cfgLdapRoleGroupDN cn=groupBlah,ou=group,o=blah,c=com

this is also done on a R710 with idrac vresion 1.95.

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