RE: Open Manage - can it be used on a teamed nic.

I am unfamiliar with iDrac is it different than Openmanage?

Yes, the iDRAC is a piece of hardware that performs the function of a baseboard management controller. It also provides advanced remote management features. OMSA is an application that allows communication via IPMI to the iDRAC/BMC to monitor and manage hardware from within an operating system.

Do I need to set this up? It obviously has take an ip address but cant seem to access it. I have tried both locally and remotely on several browsers.

Yes, it may need to be configured. Boot into the iDRAC BIOS to configure the network settings to ensure it routes properly(CTL E during boot). If the iDRAC is shared with one of the LAN on motherboard interfaces then you will likely not be able to access it from the server. Most switches don't handle communication from and to the same interface well. You will need to connect to it from another computer on the LAN.


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