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Cannot switch idrac6 nic into shared mode


I'm trying to switch the idrac6 interface of my r815 into shared mode but racadm then says there is no link detected even though that is the nic I'm accessing the install OS with.

racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicSelection 2

racadm getniccfg

LOM Status:
NIC Selection   = Dedicated
Link Detected   = Yes
Speed           = 100Mb/s
Duplex Mode     = Full Duplex

racadm config -g cfgLanNetworking -o cfgNicSelection 0

racadm getniccfg

LOM Status:
NIC Selection   = Shared
Link Detected   = No
Speed           = Unknown
Duplex Mode     = Unknown
Active LOM in Shared Mode = None

On my idrac7 Systems this works fine. Anyone with an idea what is going on here?


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