Re: OpenManage Server Administrator 9.2 - webserver only iss


With OMSA on ESXi, it's pretty common to install the client onto a VM, the way you are. It only installs the one service, because the VM can't reach the hardware. It would want you to provide the IP of the host, so that the OMSA client on your VM can talk to the OMSA agent on the ESXi host. The other services don't get installed, because the installer thinks it's an unsupported platform, since it doesn't pick up the iDRAC. Below is a link to the install guide of OMSA for ESXi:

Hopefully that helps out. The instance on your Windows VM should only be needing the single service, since it can't query the information directly, and needs to be pointed at the IP of the host, so it can work with the ESXi OMSA agent.

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