Re: OpenManage Server Administrator 9.2 - webserver only iss

I was so sure that the 13G iDRAC added the functionality to expand an array, but the test system I'm working with isn't presenting the option and the documentation is silent on the subject. With that being the case, OMSA would be your best option. If you did install the host agent and reboot before, then we should be good. If not, you'd need a maintenance window. OMSA should let you perform this expansion from the Virtual Disks sub tab, then from the dropdown menu for the virtual disk, there should be a reconfigure option.

Failing OMSA, you can do this from the F2 BIOS menu, then going to devices, the PERC, then choosing to manage the VD. The pathing I don't have committed to memory, but it should be pretty simple to locate if you need to go there. 

The datasore/filesystem piece you should be able to do in the web client using Datastores > Increase Datastore Capacity. VMware's KB here doesn't make mention of needing a reboot for it, nor did they in some of the other articles they published.

If you have both pieces of OMSA installed, the best way to do what you're looking to do would be to use OMSA to expand the array from the Virtual Disks section, then expand the datastore/filesystem using VMware tools.

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