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BMC configuration PE2850 ipmish

Hello Dell gurus,

I have configurated some servers (PE2850 and PE2950) with BMC ipaddress to remote power on/off options.

In the servers PE2950 I have the option "Shared" in the NIC option, IPMI over LAN, but on PE2850 this option is not available. In PE2950 I can make ping to this IP address and PE2850 I can't.

Anyway I made some tests in both servers models with ipmish, power status options worked fine, but in servers PE2850 after power off command, the next ipmish instructions have displayed: Error(0x6f):BMC is not detected.

In PE2950 I can power off and power on servers, in the PE2850 test after power off I am unavailable to power on the server.

Someone have any experience about that?

Thanks so much.
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