1 Copper

Does anyone know what this one is...?

This came from a web page someone sent me in a joke.

McAfee pop-ups stating various exe's trying to access the internet.

I kept hitting deny about 5 to 7 times, all of a sudden ,my computer booted.

It comes back up normally, but after I log on, the desktop is overwritten with colorful square boxes, no start bar, no nadda, no nothing.

Cntl/Alt/Del allows everything but the task manager..

If I logon as another user, I am immedately logged off.

If I try to reboot into any safe mode, F8, I get a blue screen.

I have researched MS, and thought I could do a recovery console install, but If fails, I need the drivers for my HD I guress..

Does anyone know if there is a name for this thing..?




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