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Re: Having trouble doing Trend Houscall PC Scan

Thanks, Mike.  That article made the difference.  When I lowered Internet Security to Medium, everything worked including MS updates.  It was not Propel.

 I was always using the free version of Zone Alarm.  I thought for one year I would use the ZA Internet Security.  Since my connection box keeps coming up to connect, I thought it would be a good idea to use something different.  So I uninstalled AVG anti-virus and the ZA free version.  Well, I think that was a mistake.  I will never PAY for another security program again. The free versions did a great job, I just didn't know it or appreciated it.  Also, Zone Alarm has not answered any of my emails.  I will always come here first if I have problems in the future.  My ISP, Propel, and you all at Dell forums have given so much valuable info.  Thanks!!!  I had Symantec installed when I bought the computer but their updates messed up my computer and they also never answered emails and refused to give my money back.  Since then, most of my friends stay away for them as well.

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