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Vostro 420, CMOS Checksum error

Hello, everyone I need your advise.

Every Time I unplug my computer Dell Vostro 420 I got CMOS checksum error this happen after I clean up the computer using clean air from air compressor.

I've replaced the battery by a new one but still the same issue.

I bought another battery package and I've replace the battery 3 times but still the same issue.


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Re: Vostro 420 CMOS Cheksum Error

It may not be the CMOS battery as the following post describes. If you used an air compressor, that is quite a bit of pressure. Is it possible that the BIOS chip is loose or damaged or the battery contacts are slightly bent? This error can also be caused by a problem with the motherboard. Also not sure how long you left the battery out of the socket. Leave the battery out for at least 15 minutes (Intel recommends 30 minutes).

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