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Vostor 143468 mostly don't register key(not keyboard issue)

My laptop Vostor 14 3468 majority of the time, not register a key if it's pressed a second time with only one other keyboard button press in between.

When we put anything under one side of the laptop,means if we lift up the laptop from one side only the keys will not miss

For example:

Attempting to type "dell" will yield "dl" or "del" or "el"

Attempting to type "did" will yield "di"

Attempting to type "My keyboard is not working" will yield "my kybpard s not wrking"

Attempting to type "hahaha" will yield "haaha" or "ahah"


However, as you can see from that last example, it doesn't happen every single time

the first instance both keys are registered, but the second time only one is registered

For example, if I hit "e" and "r" at the same time, that yields "er". But if I do that twice in a row, that yields only "ere". Where is the second "r"?

I think this problem occurred after updating the BIOS

Even while simply typing this thread I'm having to go back and insert so many missed buttons. Seems like a number of people have this issue when I search the internet, but I've yet to find a fix.

Any Idea?


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