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Re: Dell Vostro 5481 + WD15 130W dock + P2217

I am back and I have some good news. Finally I bought WD15 with the 180W adapter. There was no big difference between them considering the price so I went for the bigger one as it might be more futureproof. The good news is that WD15 (at least the 180W version) is charging Vostro 5481 through USB-C. I really like that when you plug it in, it remembers to the previous monitor configuration. For eg. when my laptop is on dock I'd like to use my two P2217 and I'd like to disable the screen of the laptop (the lid is cloded anyway). So it is working, even the lid is open, it disables the laptop display and enables the two P2217 as I left the last time (extended display, which one is the primary). There were two problems although. I can't make the NIC MAC passtrhough work. So I end up cloning the onboard NIC Mac address to the dock USB NIC using windows Device Properties. Not so elegant but it is working. Maybe I missed something in the BIOS this is why it isn't working. But this is a small problem which can be easily fixed. The bigger problem is that when the Vostro's power is off, sometimes it does not recognise that the dock itself properly. The USB-C connector has a white led which indicates that the connection is perfectly made with the laptop. So if you plug the dock to the Vostro in and the led on the dock USB-C connector is off, then you can be sure it is not charging properly and you can't turn on the laptop with the closed lid using the power button on the dock. So you need to disconnect and reconnect again (sometimes three times) until the LED on the USB-C connector of the dock is indicating that the connection is perfectly made. I don't know if it is a hardware issue or can be resolved with a BIOS/Firmware update later, but it is not working as seamlessly as it is expected. BTW. both my Vostro and the dock has the latest available BIOS/Firmware.

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