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Re: Vostro 5481 + m.2 SSD installation + incompetent support

@AvinashKiran: Hello. Unfortunately my problem did not resolved yet. I ziptied the SSD to the chassis. Insulated the bottom of the SSD with foam tape to ensure that there won't be any short circuit when it touches the metal parts beneath. That's what I did (yeah, so professional for a 1000 USD notebook). It is not a rock solid solution as the SSD can still slide out from the M.2 socket so I need to open the laptop and check its position from time to time. Until you came with the same problem I thought my problem is a unique manufacturing issue, slipped through quality check, because it is hard to believe that Dell is trying to spare some money on a 0.0001 USD standoff while everything else is still included on the motherboard (controller, M.2 socket, etc) which I assume more expensive than a standoff. But I think it is rather an intentional and stupid thing from Dell that they punish the HDD only version buyers (who thinks that they will be able to install the M.2 SSD by themselves). The problem is that we are quite misguided as the service manual which can be downloaded from the Dell website for my notebook, suggests that I will be able to install an M.2 SSD, moreover there are pictures how I can do it. This is a shame.

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