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SOLUTION TO>100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

The Solution is to throw your Dell in trash, because you'll never fix this problem


After spending at least 30 hours trying every solution on the web, and I mean every issue from setting policies, updating 20 drivers, and disabling every vital windows feature.   

Yet Dell support had the GALL to tell me "We know the problem but we don't support Windows, so pay us $200+ for a premium support contract and we'll fix it for you," He never said how (and I doubt he knew or he would have at least stated the source of the problem, if not the fix).

I was just outraged, and I will never buy another Del product, ever. I suggest that anyone reading this not do that either. Most sensible people buy computers expecting their computers to run the most popular operating system in the world without issues  this terrible (it takes at least 15 minutes after boot-up for my machine to be usable at all). We don't expect a problem ONLY they seem to have, to be blamed on Windows, and then try to charge us to fix it.  I even escalated this problem two levels, and some lovely people in India informed me where was nothing  they could do unless I paid for the premium warranty (over my dead body). But of course, they have sent me 5 (and counting) emails asking me for  my feedback about their support).

Again, there is no solution to this problem except buying a new computer, so don't waste your time trying

Stay tuned for some Dell sysop to tell me he'd be  happy to help me (but I assure you, he or she can't).

Save yourselves.  If you can still return it, do it.