Re: 100% Disk usage in new laptop running Windows 10

It's kind of saddening to see so many people with the same problem for such a long time, but also comforting. 

I have the same problem. I love video games, but because I have always used Apple, which is not a gaming company, I have never been able to play the good ones. The best ones run like **bleep** on Apple, and mobile games<Profanity removed>universally. A gaming computer was the only solution.

So, after reading a review on the Dell G5 15 (written by some douchebag who probably spent less than an hour dicking around with the computer and didn't discover the problem), I decided that this was going to be my first gaming laptop.

Bad. Friggen. Choice.

I downloaded steam and two new games. I already had a few games from earlier, back when I played on mac. I was excited to finally be able to crank up the graphics settings on these games and get some real, buttery smooth gameplay. So, what happened?

Nothing! The computer took hours to download the first few games. The rest I have left uninstalled on Steam because this takes too long. 

Oh, but that isn't it. These games are uninstalled, so they take up absolutely no disk space, right? Right.

This afternoon, I decided to spend some money on Arma III. 

Again, at this point, most of my games are completely uninstalled. This computer, which I've owned for literally three days, has only two games on it. 

Uh, oh! There's not enough disk space for Arma III! Even though you have literally nothing but two games and both your garbage can and desktop are completely 100% empty and you've spent less than ten minutes on the internet and this is a gaming computer for Christ's sake, I suppose you'll have to just<Profanity removed>a big one! I mean, you only spent thirty dollars buying this game on discount. 

So, I think to myself: That's Odd. Challenge accepted. So what do I do? I uninstall one of my TWO games (leaving one), clean the C Drive, clean it again, compress the drive, and try again. So, with a freshly cleaned and compressed drive, no time on the internet (and therefore nothing was downloaded and no data gathered), no extra apps, nothing on my desktop, a completely and utterly empty trashcan, and only one game on this computer literally made to run large games, I have got to be able to install Arma now, right? Nah, not even close. This piece of trash can't even fit two god **bleep** games on it. 


For those of you thinking about getting a Dell, don't. For those of you with a dell, you might as well throw it in the garbage, because that's where it belongs.