Uninstall Pre-Installed WIN 10 From XPS 8900 and Re-Install WIN 7

 I purchased the XPS 8900 direct from Dell.  Didn't know Win7 was available, then discovered only about 1/4 of my programs installed on my Win7 system will run on Win10.  So I want to uninstall Win10 and reinstall Win7.  I purchased from Dell the "Win7 OS Recovery and Restore USB Key", changed the Boot Sequence, but as of yet, have been unsuccessful in re-installing Win7.  I've even tried my Win7 Discs from my old computer, but I eventually receive a message stating " Windows Setup could not configure Windows to run on this computers hardware."  Suggestions/Solution would be greatly appreciated.  I read a previous post on this issue from "Freqmaker" that Jesse L replied to I believe privately. The post did not contain a specific solution.  Thanks in advance!

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