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RE: XPS 8700 needed UEFI secure boot disabled to complete Windows 10 anniversary update can't enable UEFI secure boot now

To Jesse L ,

My computer Dell 8700 XPS was running Windows 10 without issue prior to Microsoft downloading

the anniversary update. I made no changes to any settings until after the error occurred and it occurred during the update on one of the many reboots it requires. It stopped , hung quit with a blue screen. It would not continue. Each time I tried to reboot the same error I listed.  I changed the bios setting after the error and it started and appeared to continue the update as it got to where it said Hi and on and on.

If I look at the Windows version now it is 1607 as I said. If  I change the setting back to UEFI secure boot as it was before and I would assume the default since I would never change it before the update the same error occurs.

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