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RE: Alienware 15-R2, Win10 Creator, Support Assistant & AlienFX no go

Thanks for the reply Robert...

I tried as suggested, but it just took me to a link to install Win10 Creators.  So, as I do not have any critical or a large amount of third-party programs installed I just decided to rollback to initial Factory Image; Win 8.1.

In doing so, I've lost my free Win10 upgrade from last year.  I do not know the ramifications/loss of performance I'll have with my Alienware 15R2 by reverting but this was my only option, as I also inadvertently deleted my .old file(s) for my previous Win10 install prior to doing the Creators update.

UPDATE/EDIT:  In doing the Factory-Rollback, it allowed Win10 to be retained!  The Alienware Command Center & Support Center are now WORKING!  Now, I am just reinstalling my 3rd party software... 

I'm going to forego the Creators update for the time being until Dell/Alienware rolls-out specific drivers for it.


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