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Optiplex 5050 + NVMe PCI SSD + trying to clean-install 1703 win10 = "missing driver"

I've replaced HDD with NVMe PCI SSD, and was able to successfully install and run Windows 10 using Dell-provided installation media image.

However, the image is a bit old: mid-2016 Windows installer, plus AU update included separately, then the installed OS updates itself to CU 1703 version.

Not sure for what gain of performance I was hoping, but I decided to try to clean-install the
latest 1703 image downloaded directly from Microsoft. Installer can't see the SSD and asks for a driver -- the situation described on numerios web pages I've read since. The Intel Rapid Storage drivers -- (1) latest from Intel or (2) from Dell support page or (3) older version from Dell Windows installation image -- were all rejected. I.e. installer says there's no appropriate driver in all these locations.

I flashed the latest BIOS. Tried AHCI and Raid settings. Other settings are UEFI Boot, Secure Boot and no Legacy ROM -- that's the way I want them. And besides they are OK for Dell installation image. The SSD is clean i.e. no partitions.

So, is there any hope to clean-install 1703 version? Or do I have to run install and update, again, from Dell image?

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