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On my new DELL Inspiron 15. cannot install my Exchange account in Outlook 2007

I bought last week a new Inspiron 15 (3531), which seems OK.

However, I have one showstopper. the Exchange account could not be installed on Outlook 2007. It seems not to get access to the Exchange server, with result it cannot be initialised.

What I tried :

  1. install Outlook 2010, same message
  2. install this account on another two DELLs with Windows 8.1 and Outlook 2007 : no problem at all
  3. from within Outlook installing and with optione E-mail (32 bit) from Configuartion screen : no difference

Other E-mail accounts (POP etc) I had no problems with installing.

So I think it is a setting in the factory-software which does not permit to verify the account.

I also reinstalled from factory settimgs without virusscanner/protection, but again same problems. So already present this problem on the Windows image with the system.

Any advise/suggestions ?

Thanks ahead,


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