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It's still not there where it will only work with a VNC connection. It still also requires RDP along with VNC. Vista home and basic doesn't have RDP. Frustrating because wyse support has for a long time said they would be supporting file browser support for androids using non-RDP connections to their hosts.

Why didn't they just come out and say "no RDP, no file browser" and be done with it.

What I do now is use carbonite to back up everything on my pc and use carbonite access to get to those folder/files from my android smartphone.
It should be working with Vista Home Basic (VNC). What version of PocketCloud Companion are you using? You can also manage what files you can access via PocketCloud / Explore in the companion application in Preferences on the Folder Settings tab.
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I can't even buy it. When do you plan to allow buying world wide (hope not when price jumps to 5$)?
What country are you located in?
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