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RE: RDS remoteApp via pocketcloud?

Smile Figured it out.

I know this is the Android forum, no need to flame me for mislocation. I performed this on my iPad, but the concept should be the same for Android.

So, I think that Wyse should make some of these options available in an advanced tab, instead of using the pocketcloud:// method to access a custom RDP file.

With that stated, I uploaded the custom .rdp file to an open location on my web server, added a link on the SBS portal with a prefix of pocketcloud:// (e.g. pocketcloud:// and have users click on that link to use RemoteApp custom rdp config. I had to disable NLA on the server as I was only getting a black screen when connecting through PocketCloud Pro.

This is the contents of the .rdp file:

full address:s:
server port:i:3389
domain:s OMAINNAME
alternate shell:s:C:\Application Path\Application.exe
session bpp:i:16

Lastly, unless you have your rdp externally facing, this would require a VPN connection on the tablet prior to accessing the custom rdp.

***EDIT*** the Smiley is a : and a D together... stupid emoticons.

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