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RE: Invalid credentials...?

Exclamation Invalid Credentials problems....

I have two Windows 8 machines that I am having problems connecting to from PocketCloud PRO for iOS. The machines are showing as available in the Auto Discovery, but when I initiate a connection I get the error message:

"Invalid Credentials"
"Your login credentials are invalid. Please correct and try again."

Each machine is currently on a separate network, since one is a desktop and the other is a traveling laptop.

The traveling laptop is running Windows 8, PocketCloud Companion v2.5.13 and TightVNC v2.6.4

The desktop is running Windows 8 Pro Pack with Media Center, PocketCloud Companion v2.5.13 and TightVNC v2.6.4

In my testing to try to attempt at get this resolved I have attempted the following:

  • Poked holes in McAfee Firewall to allow traffic ports 58xx & 59xx (xx for privacy)
  • Turned off the McAfee Firewall (temporarily)
  • Enabled "Use 3rd Party VNC on Port" in PocketCloud Companion
  • Disabled "Require VNC Authentication" in TightVNC

At this point I am not sure what else to try. All I have been able to determine is, based on my experience thus far, that this is isolated to Windows 8. I have other machines I can connect to on older versions of Windows.

Please offer any advice or resolution.

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