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RE: Invalid credentials...?

I would be more than happy to use my Windows 8 login information, but there is no where for me to put it.

Here are the three screens I have for one of the machines. 

So as you can see, no where am I being asked for the Windows 8 login information. I do believe this to be the problem, but I can't seem to locate the cause to try to implement a fix. From what I understand on a PocketCloud connection to a Windows 8 PC, when the connection is started you should see a different screen that asked for "Username", "Password" and "Domain". I never see that on these two machines in question. They act like any of the previous versions of Windows connections.

(Note - This machine shown in the pictures above does also have a RDP connection available and I have been able to successfully get that connection established. But I still need VNC connections to work for troubleshooting user problems.)

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