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RE: Not Working with iOS and Lion


Still no luck. Same error as before with the latest update. Couldn't use my OSX login credentials, but my VNC password with a blank username brought me back to the grey screen with the bubbles.

Annoyingly, I hit "log off" with my iphone instead of "disconnect" and yes, it did successfully log me out of my Lion session. So I know it's talking to Lion on some level.

Unfortunately after logging back in, I kept getting this annoying "OSX needs an administrator password to change keychain settings" dialog box, which wouldn't let me type anything into it. I could click the buttons but not actually type anything in the boxes. I had to uninstall Pocket Cloud for this box to go away. I may try to once again re-install Pocketcloud and if this box pops up again, I'll screen shot it.

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