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RE: WTOS C10LE and VoIP SIP Softphone interaction

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Actually Wyse has announced a release date. Back in august Wyse stated:
"Wyse to Support VMware View™ 4.5 Upon Availability "

Obviously only marketing talk. View 4.5 is GA, but no WTOS 7 available. However WTOS 7 is still listed on the VMware View 4.5 HCL...

Actually nothing new, this has happened with every version so far. Wyse has even announced PCoIP support for the V10L back in 2009.... Go figure..


I have heard some good things about the Wyse service, and I am wondering if it is only used within Business Phone System or if it is compatible with many Residential Voip Providers? Any more information on a and how it functions in addition to a would be nice too. Thanks in advance.

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