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RE: Can the Blazer OS run a web browser? - ANSWERED

I did some research and discovered this particular model (WYSE WT1200LE) is not able to run a web browser. After doing some google searches I found an article called "Demystifying the Thin Client Operating System: Which Thin Client is Right for Your Business?" which had the following paragraph:

Basic terminals feature a proprietary
operating system that delivers simple
server-based computing in a thinclient
appliance. All application
processing, including Web browsing,
occurs on the server, with no local
processing and limited peripheral
options. Wyse, today’s thin client
market leader, offers its Winterm
line of basic terminals. Based on
Wyse’s own Blazer operating system,
the line features ICA and RDP
software tuned for high
performance. With a locked-down
OS stored in flash memory, no local
storage or browser, and no
Microsoft OS for hackers to target,
basic terminals are the most secure
thin clients.

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