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RE: Dual boot of R class and Z class devices

Creating a Golden Image using Uniplat works for sure, have done it several times in my lab.
Start with the R-Class and then restore onto the Z-Class. 
Make sure to install the Windows 7 hot fixes in the restored image on the Z-class before you install the WSM Client and capture the OS Image.
Take care of the display driver installation instructions mentioned in the product release notes and only use the generic Windows display drivers on R-Class and do not install CCC on the Z-Class

The reason why the usage of PS/2 Mouse on the second platform is advisable (but not mandatory) is because the USB controller may be detected and installed after you already need it (i.e. to point to driver sources), and PS/2 will always work. If I remember correct it was not required for R/Z-Class with Win7, but I will try again in my lab if time permits.

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