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RE: Dual boot of R class and Z class devices


Uniplat has worked to some extent. I now have a working image that can boot both devices but there are a few things that worry me about putting this image into production.

I'll go through the process I followed for Uniplat and point out where I had issues.

1. Install Win 7 SP1 on R class
2. Take uniplat image onto server
3. Boot Z class onto working individual WSM image
4. Install uniplat
5. Restore R class .wup file onto fresh HDD keeping critical drivers from Z class.
6. Reboot from physical HDD on Z class. ** this is where I had the first issue; as there is no 100Mb system reserved boot partition on the fresh HDD I had to run startup repair a couple of times to fix. Is this normal? **
7. Install drivers on Z class
8. Install hotfix ** second issue - the hotfix would not install, I was getting a load of errors in event log around this issue "The Cryptographic Services service failed to initialize the Catalog Database. The ESENT error was: -1032". I searched around and redid some permissions on C: and c:\windows and also activated Windows. This allowed the update to be installed after a couple of reboots.
9. Install WSM client, image, reboot from image to Z class. Works from small amount of testing.
10. Boot image into R class. Boots but there are now permission errors on some things namely the event log has access denied.

Is having to startup repair normal?
Would the permissions problem be solved by naming the two computers exactly the same?

As I said above I wouldn't want to put this image into production with permission errors as I don't know what problems it could cause in the future. Hopefully it can be solved relatively easily.

Thanks for your help so far.

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