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Re: Is it possible to install a front case fan into the XPS

I have an XPS 8920 which appears to have the same case as the 8930. If that is true then yes, you can install a front fan. HOWEVER, it will have to be installed in the top-front hard drive bay which has fan mount holes for a 92mm case fan.  The HD drive basket is easily removable by just unscrewing to screws. Then you can install a 92x92x25mm case fan. You will have to snake the fan power cord through the drive bay and use a PWM fan splitter cable to plug the fan into the Mobo connector labelled "Top Fan". It is best to choose a PWM fan because you will be plugging it into a PWM fan header that powers the top fan and allows the Mobo to control fan speed based on temperature. I installed a ARCTIC F9 PWM PST - 92 mm Case Fan which came with a splitter cable. It's very quiet and I can't tell it's even running. Noctua also makes very quiet and efficient PWM fans that usually come with a full compliment of cables and other doo dads.