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Re: If I had to replace an SSD, would I have to re-install all the programs on the HDD?

@mpo wrote:

I wouldn't worry too much about the lifespan of an SSD. My oldest SSD is a Kingston HyperX 240 GB drive.

Checking the drive status, it has 16800+ GB host reads and writes, and 28500 power-on hours. That's over 3.25 years of use. 

It shows that that 98% of the life is left.

MPO, what program are you using to test the drive status and show its percentage of life left?  Also, did you install your internet browser onto the SSD?  If yes, are you concerned about the constant writes to the temporary internet files folder (it will be written to for every web page you visit) or does that not make much of a difference?

(I'm realizing that if I use Internet Explorer for web browsing, I might not have a choice and it has to be installed onto the SSD).

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