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Re: dell xps 13 (9370) plugged in, not charging

Im having the same issue, my 9370 is around 1 month old, a few days ago it gave me an error message saying the power supply was too small and another error message ...something about the BIOS. I tried another power supply and same issue. Im using the power supply that came with the laptop. I checked the BIOS and it says no AC power supply. Yesterday I tried turning everything off, then plugged in the power supply and it started to charge....white light blinked on and off a couple of times but then stayed on (thankfully). Today it has stopped charging again. I called the Dell service centre and they said I had to book it in, Im currently working in Thailand and the Laptop was purchased in Australia. Took it to the Dell repair Centre in Bangkok and they said I had to send it to Australia. This is the second big problem I have had with this Laptop, previously I had a 9350 and it was perfect, I am regretting buying this Laptop already, also Dell service is very very poor.

I see lots of people have had issues with the charging over the last 2 weeks, way more than normal, just wondering if Dell has pushed out a BIOS update changing the power control. I guess there is no way of knowing and calling customer support is a waste of time. 

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