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Re: XPS 13 9343 serious battery swelling

If there were a way to cut off the battery before it swells, it would have been done by now.  I can see any number of issues with trying to use a pressure sensor inside the system (the only practical way to do it), because notebooks are used anywhere from sea level to on submarines, to in the mountains to aircraft where ambient pressure varies. False alerts would be the result.

Apple's been using this type of case-less prismatic battery for the longest, and not surprisingly, had the swelling problem for the longest.  The degree to which these swell is directly related to how hard the batteries work, and the temperatures to which they're exposed.  You don't see as many swelling in cell phones, tablets or iPads as you do in notebook systems -- and the fact that every generation of notebook runs hotter than the last doesn't help.

Still, there's a reason why warranties generally don't cover batteries.  And while you can purchase a 3-year warranty on some business notebooks (Latitudes, Thinkpads, etc.) all you're doing in that case is pre-paying a replacement battery.  And it's almost universal that manufacturers reduce the capacity and slow the charging on batteries that carry longer warranties. 

The simple fact is that there's a downside to thin and light - that is, higher temperatures and swollen batteries.

If you don't want the spectre of a swollen battery, buy a system that still uses steel-cased cylindrical batteries.  Lenovo still uses these on the conventional (chunky) Thinkpads.  Many gaming system manufacturers (Clevo) do as well.  So does Tesla in the Model X and Model S.  They're also not thin and light.  And though the Model 3 uses a different cell, it's still steel-cased.

There's a reason why your car battery and cylindrical cells are vented -- and there's a big downside to prismatic cells that aren't.  Doesn't matter whose name is on the outside - chemistry is chemistry and batteries can produce hydrogen gas.  Give it nowhere to go - and they will swell.





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