Re: Xps 9550 battery swelling causing malfunction and harm?

Actually, I'm not looking for any information. 

Also, now you've changed your argument to say battery is dangerous in general -- and I would largely agree. But so is the glass in the screen. It could crack and cut your eyes and make you blind. As are the plastic and fine metals. For that matter, so is breathing in air. Oxygen is slowly aging you to the point of death in 70 to 80 years. 

So thanks for the link. Should have sent it to me before I bought the computer.

You'd do well as a Dell Representative to warn your potential customer that they should read that link so they can learn that: "before you buy, give this link a read. it'll tell you about how our battery might swell -- and 'generally' it won't burn, but should it burn you cannot sue us!" 

Have you considered that? Working for Dell? 


You know what I consider? -- oh yes you know. It's why you are so responsive, isn't it?