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Re: No Sound from my xps 9575 after plugging in earphones

I notice that system has a special "driver" which does not contain a driver but sends the user to a download site to get some Waves component which is supposed to correct a "Localization" issue.  I do not know what this means but has anyone used that link on their systems?

Otherwise, when you plug in a wired headset to the single audio port with the appropriate plug, you should see a popup either on the screen or on the taskbar.  Is anyone seeing that popup?  If you do not see a popup, can you open the MaxxAudioPro user interface either from the hidden icons on the taskbar or from the apps listing (Waves) on the Start menu?

Check the Task Manager Startup tab to see if any audio drivers are disabled from starting.

My 9365 2-in-1 has the same Audio processor so it should behave the same as the 9575.  I do also show the Waves special link so I might try that to see if it messes up my system.


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