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bluetooth loses pairing (WK717 & WM527)

I have an XPS 15 9560 using a wireless mouse/keyboard combo (WK717/WM527) (Windows 10). Early on I lost the magic dongle, so I use the Bluetooth pairing option. It worked just fine until the last few months. On occasion when I boot up from sleep or complete reboot, the mouse and keyboard do no interact with the laptop and I have to re-pair them. They work just fine after I re-pair, but if you are in a hurry, it can be a pain in the asterisks.

I've tried multiple driver updates/exchanges, I've changed my sleep settings (seems most obvious if the laptop times out to sleep, but still also happens when I manually sleep it, so not sure it is related), removed all other nearby Bluetooth devices, changed Windows settings, no luck.

One thing that is curious is when I have to re-pair them, they already show up in the list as being connected multiple times. The most I've seen is three entries for each, so I thought maybe there was a max number of connections and when it reached that, it would stop pairing, but today, there was only 2 entries per device and neither was working, so apparently not. Doesn't seem to matter if I delete those connections, the devices will re-pair whether those entries are there or not, but they are obviously false positives. What am I missing?


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