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Re: XPS-15-9570 (Bios 1.7) -

After many troubleshooting steps there is still no solution.

The IDPTF and BIOS have been reinstalled.

For @Dell-SreejithR “This seems to be more of an issue with the driver settings & not a hardware issue. The G   PU is well within temperature here.“ (‎03-12-2019 11:31 AM)

I am also convinced that this has something to do with dells fan management rather than a hardware issue.

I had to go back to Nvidia driver 397.93 from Mai 2018. and confirm that the issue still persists. Because that is the latest driver Dell provides. The behaviour doesn`t change with the more recent nvidia drivers, which tells me that the issue is not on nvidias site?

I had to run the hardware test from the Support Assist tool, and there is no error reported.

Later I confirmed one more time that this issue occurs only without AC connected. Because when AC is connected, the fans just run constantly.

Sreejith did some lab testing with other dell engineers and “[…]the system is not finding an issue with the fan rpm & is working normally to dissipate heat. We tested a system with the same driver & BIOS version but could not replicate the fan noise issue irrespective of the load on the system.” (‎03-14-2019 07:13 AM)

I had then to check if the issue occurs in windows safe mode. The fans are just always running in safe mode. The XPS is on complete idle, without any application running. In safe mode I can’t tell for sure if the nvidia driver is working fine. Lightroom crashes. So, in short:

I can’t replicate the issue in safe mode, but only due to improper work of almost everything inside the safe mode.

4 Days ago (‎03-15-2019 11:35 AM) was the last message from SreejithR and he was indicating after I tried the safe mode that “If the issue persists, I can set up a service to have the system checked a per your warranty.”  


Here are some similar described issues from other users:




And a comment under my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_w4lRP7rCo&lc=UgywB_Im00qX4GaBuVR4AaABAg


Another dell representative @Dell-Alan D  is saying that it is working just fine:




In my eyes this is the result of Dells aggressive fan curve temperature management. Apple and Lenovo seem to handle this a bit better. They allow their machines with similar power and chassis design to run a bit hotter before the fans start to spin.

But even if Dell does not want to change this threshold, there is still some kind of a bug where the fans are vacillating over whether they should spin or not.

It would be nice if at least this could be fixed.

Maybe this just needs more attention like in the 48°C nvidia bug where notebookcheck.com (https://www.notebookcheck.net/Some-Dell-XPS-15-9570-laptops-may-have-a-BIOS-related-GPU-bug.355026.0...) had to write an article about it and dell decided after a while, Ok guys now we can start solving this issue. Before that it was just an issue of an individual so they didn’t care.

reddit.com/r/dell could also be beneficial for more attention. But does it really has to be such a hassle to get fine working PC?

Short video clip of the issue, I described in the Dell forum. In this clip I put my phone as a microphone near the fan. So it is easier to hear it. The mic on my camera doesn't pick up the sound well. In real life it is not to loud. It is like the loweset setting of the fan. The issue is just that