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XPS 13, D1000, playing 5.1 audio

The setup:

I have Dell XPS 13 (running Windows 10 Home) and D1000 dock connected to it. I have a 5.1 sound system connected to the D1000 through the HDMI port.

The problem:

  1. I can only play stereo sounds (i.e. 2 speakers) but not 5.1 sounds on my 5.1 sound system.
  2. I can not change the Default Sound Format (currently it is set to 16 bit, 48000 Hz and the list is grayed out so I cannot choose other setting).

  3. Dell Audio sound manager software does not show my 5.1 sound system, only my laptop built in speakers, on the "Speaker/Headphone" tab.
    However when I click the "Play Audio Sample" little speaker icon in the "Speaker Enhancement" section on the "Main" tab it does play the test sound on my 5.1 sound system however it plays it on 2 speakers only (i.e. stereo but not 5.1).

Things I already have done:

  1. Updated the drivers for the D1000 and the DisplayLink.
  2. Uninstalled the drivers and restarted the system.
  3. Changed the speaker configuration of my 5.1 sound system in Windows 10 from "Stereo" to "5.1 surround"

  4. Made sure all the connection are good.
  5. Made sure all the speakers in the 5.1 sound system work fine (by using a sound test feature builtin with the sound system).

My Question:

Is the D1000 capable of playing 5.1 audio through the HDMI port? If so, what do I need to do to make that happen in my case?


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