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Hello A_Kri
I also have this fan behavior in my XPS 9570 from bios 1.7.0. But occasionally I noticed a kind of "lag" just before the fans start. That is, the system crashes for half a second and unlocks when the fans start.
Have you noticed this too?

I didn't notice such a behaviour. But i will pay more attention to it in the future.

Do you have a specific example where you can reproduce this 'lag'. I would then try the same.




In the meantime, nothing has changed. On Frank Azors twitter account in the comments under the audio issue post, somebody asked about the fan issue and pointed to this forum post here. They seem to be aware of it, but just go on with the same reaction.

"I understand your call out and I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused. I need the system service tag or any Dell reference number so that I can review the details and assist you further. -Prashanth"



There is no point in asking other users for their service tags. You will waste their time, and get the same information that I provided here. And I am sure there are many others that provided Dell with some similar information about this issue. But everything is decentralized in some PM messages with different dell representatives.

In the end Dell will always say something among the following lines and close the issue:

-"Did you try quiet mode, and can you look at the FAN FAQ on this website"

-"Nahhh we can't reproduce it"

-"Your system in particular is acting weird"

-"Send it to us"

-"We will repair it"

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