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Re: Annoying fan noises on 2018 XPS 15 9570

I also have/had these fans issues, but I think I might have some solutions. The fans are on only when my XPS is charging, or when I use some heavy applications. When it's plugged in but not charging, the fans are off.
I'm running Windows 10 1903, and the BIOS 1.10. I have an XPS 9570, with i7, 16GB of ram.

Here is a list of issues I had and how I manage to resolve them :

- one of my fans was noisy, there was like a vibration sound so DELL replaced it and it resolves the issue.

- My fans were starting, and staying on for 10 seconds when I was launching some apps, like the task manager for example. I noticed that it was due to the nvidia card being acitvated for 1 second when launching some apps. It was the "System.exe" app using the nvidia gpu at launch, and it was appearing very briefly in the task manager. Unfortunately when the nvidia gpu is used, the fans starts, no matter the temperature.
To resolve this, I had to disable the nvidia card in the device manager, and now I enable it only when I need it, for games.

- After 1 month, a problem began to appear : when my XPS was plugged in (charging or not), my fans were always on, at a low speed but always on. On battery, it was like you : turned on at high speed for few seconds, then off for 10 seconds, etc...
I noticed after a reboot, the issue was gone sometimes. I also noticed that when the fans were going crazy, my battery life was pretty bad. So I decided to control the power consumption of the CPU, with core temp, or hwmonitor. And I found the problem : the normal idle power is between 0,5 and 1W for the CPU package, but sometimes (typically after hibernate) my idle power consumption was between 3,5 and 4W! And when the idle power was 4W, the fans were going crazy, and the battery life was bad. I don't know if this is significant, but the high power consumption was coming from the "uncore" part of the processor, which was staying at 3W on idle.
This problem is probably related to a C state problem.
After dozens hours of searching, and trying everything, I finally found the source of the problem : the nvidia GPU.
I don't know why and how, but enabling and disabling again the nvidia card in the device manager solved the power consumption problem. It seems that the problem also happens to those who let the nvidia card activated.
To solve the issue, I created a script using devcon to enable then disable the Nvidia GPU at startup, and this problem never showed again. If you want to let it enabled, you can make a script to disable and then enable it.
I don't know at which frequency this problem happens, but I think it's always after a reboot that it can show up, so launching this script at startup (with the task scheduler) solved the issue.

- I had issues with the fans turned on while sleeping.
To solve this, you need to disable de connected sleep in the registry. Honestly, I like the connected sleep, so I have choosen that the power button put my XPS on hibernate. I've done the same for closing the lid.

So now, my XPS is pleasant to use. I advise you to do the same.
If you have fans issue, check your CPU power consumption. If it never goes below 3.5W, there is the problem!
I also advise you to choose the optimized mode on dell power manager, because the silent mode will only reduce the maximum speed of the fans, but they will not come on less often.

I hope it will help you with your fans issues!

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